I stumbled on T.I’s new song “Warzone” and it replicated the scenes of the Afro-American people who were killed this year by white policemen. Their reasons apparently leaning more on racism than justice. Only than in his video, a racial reverse is happening: Caucasians are being killed by Afro-American policemen.

The racial issues in the States are very concerning.

During my teenager years, I dreamt of going to the States, but because of the racial issues they face, my eagerness has decreased. On social media, I recognised should the public be more based in the States the racial questions is asked sooner or later.

Which does not occur much often here in Germany. Possibly because there are fewer people with migration background than in the States. Although, the number has slightly  increased with the refugees which are being taken care of. The AfD party has clearly shown its aversion to foreigners.

However, as a black person, I would not say there is no racism in Germany, but at least I am not led to think about it all the time. I am not always put in a situation where I have to evaluate what happened under the racial point of view. I have to highly stress that this is my point of view as I have heard of others who have made different experiences.

Racism exist also in Germany and is seems increasing. However, the racism which I have experienced is very passive, subtle and sarcastic, not easy to point at. I find it very hard to draw the line where the sarcasm end and racism starts. I prefer not put a lot of thought into it. It makes my life lighter. Maybe it is ignorance from my side. Next time I should be just blunt and ask the person: “Where do you draw the line in this case between sarcasm and racism?”

T.I. – Warzone

The new racism is to deny that racism exists,” T.I., Warzone


Some Advice

“You cannot really be too concerned with what people think of you. You’re on your own adventure of growth and discovery. So it’s not always good to be who people think you are, especially if you subscribe to it as well … which is easily done, because then you don’t have to figure out who you are, you just ask somebody else.” (unknown)

When you’re authentic, you don’t care about what other people think about you because YOU’RE doing all the thinking.

I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


Die Fünf Glücksfamilien


Zwei Familien des beschwingtes Glücks

  1. Beschwingtes Glück ist, wenn man sich freut wenn man feiert, auf Reisen geht oder mit einer Frau/Mann nach der/dem man wild ist, im Bett liegt.
  2. Man arbeitet an einer Sache die einen Spaß macht, man möchte einen Ziel erreichen. Das kann im Beruf sein, auch beim Sport oder bei der Garten arbeit.

Zwei Familien des stillen Glücks

  1. Wenn man ganz einfach zufrieden ist und nur möchte, dass es so weitergeht. Das geschieht wenn du dich mit Leute vergleichst, die du kennst, oder mit deine eigene Vergangenheit und wenn du  dich so glücklich findest, wie du gerade bist. Oder auch, wenn du dich überhaupt nicht vergleichst.
  2. Eine bestimmte Sichtweise auf die Dinge. Du erträgst die Welt und bewahrst dir deine innere Gelassenheit, egal was dir passiert, selbst wenn dein eigener Tod kommt.

Fünfte Familie des Glücks

  1. Es ist das Glück, dass man mit anderen erlebt: Freundschaft, erwiderte Liebe, die Aufmerksamkeit, die man dem Glück und Unglück der Leute schenkt, das Gefühl anderen nützlich zu sein.

Aus Francois Lelord Hectors Reise oder die Suche nach dem Glück

Imagination: Divergent Thinking

Have you ever heard about divergent thinking?

It is an essential capacity for creativity. It is the ability to see lots of possible answers to a question.

Divergent Thinking is not the same as creativity, which would be defined as followed: the process of having original ideas that have value.

Divergent thinking is the ability not to think linear or in convergent ways. The book Breakpoint and Beyond by Georg Land and Beth Jarman describes pre-schooler as geniuses in divergent thinking.


Forgive yourself

(3) quotes | Tumblr

Forgive yourself for not being the richest, the thinnest, the tallest, the one with the best hair.

Forgive yourself for not being the most successful, the cutest or the one with the fastest time.

Forgive yourself for not winning every round.

Forgive yourself for being afraid.

But don’t let yourself off the hook, never forgive yourself, for not caring or not trying.

Seth Godin

The Meaning of Happiness Changes Over Your Lifetime

Center for Advanced Hindsight

Swinging Happiness for BlogThe following is a scientific and personal article written by CAH member Troy Campbell about happiness.

One lovely afternoon, I began chatting to my grandpa. I was completely unaware he was about to say something that would change my view of happiness forever.

In the middle of our conversation, I felt a lull so I pulled out the classic question. “If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?” I couldn’t wait to talk about my long list of dead presidents, dead Beatles, dead scientists, and a really cute living movie star. But I was also really eager to hear what he’d say.

Then he simply answered, “My wife.”

I immediately assured him it’s not necessary for him to answer like that. We all knew he loves his wife, whom he eats dinner with every night and was currently over in the other room…

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ST Petersburg Preparation

So I will travel to St. Petersburg. It is a excursion orgnised by the university.

On our list we have the Hermitage, the Petershof Palace and the Puschkin Palace.

The State Hermitage


It is the largest museum on earth! Expects say if you spend a minute looking at each exhibition on display in the Hermitage you would need 11 years to see them all!

The Winterpalace was from 1760s the main building of the Russian Tsars. The green and white three-storey palace was built for Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great. However, its completation happened under the reign of Catherine the Great.

The former state residence of the Russian emperors became the Hermitage State Museum when Catherine the Great purchased a prodigious collection of paintings from Germany.

The Petershof Palace and Gardens (Petrodvorets)

The “Russian Versailles” was built by Peter the Great as an imperical palace to beautify the suburbs of his new city. Versailles was of course the inspiration. Empress Elisabeth, his granddaughter, greatly extended the park and the famous system of fountains.

Petershof was destroyed in the World War II but it was restored quickly, that in 1947 it already stood in its full grandeur and scope. After the war the name was de-Germanicized to Petrodvorets  the name of the surrounding suburb. Today, it is however known in its German name Petershof.

Pushkin Palace (Tsarskoye Selo)


Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia

Pushkin is a town in the outskirts of St. Petersburg (25km south). In this small, beautiful town resides the Catherine Palace, where the Great Empress lived and died. Like some of the palaces the Catherine Palace was destroyed during World War II. The extensive restoration program after the war have faithfully recreated it to its old charms. Today, most visitors are very keen to see the amber room, which mysteriously disappeared during the WWII, but was reconstructed in 2003.


How Love is Diminished


Let  us see now how love is diminished.
This happens through the easy accessibility of its consolation,
through one’s being able to see and converse lengthily with a lover,
through a lover’s unsuitable garb and gait and by the sudden onset of poverty.

Another cause of diminution of love is the realisation of the notoriety of one’s lover,
and accounts of his miserliness, bad character and general wickedness;
Also any affair with another woman even if it involves no feeling of love.

Love is also diminished if a woman realises that her lover is foolish
and undiscerning, or if she sees him going too Garvin demand of love,
giving no thought to his partner’s modesty nor wishing to pardon her blushes.

A faithful lover ought to choose the hardest pains of love rather than by his demands
causing his partner embarrassment, or take pleasure in spurning her modesty;
for one who thinks only of the outcome of his own pleasure, should be called a traitor rather than a lover.

Love also suffer decrease if the woman realises that her lover is fearful
in war or sees that he has no patience or is stained with the vice of pride.
There is nothing which appears more appropriate to the character of any lover than to be
clad in the adornment of humility utterly untouched by the nakedness of pride.

The too the prolixity of a fool or a madman often diminishes love.
There are many keen to prolong their crazy words in the presence of a woman,
thinking that they please her if they employ foolish, ill-judged language,
but in fact they are strangely deceived. Indeed he who thinks that his foolish behaviour
pleases a wise woman suffers from the greatest poverty of sense.

Andreas Capellanus